Sustainability statement

Thou shall leave the land cleaner than you found it


Quattro Terras Organic Vineyard is committed to organic farming and responsible environmental practices.

The vineyard shall be farmed without use of artificial fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.  Every effort shall be made to encourage the proliferation of native vegetative species to sustain indigenous ecosystems, i.e.,  promote habitats for living organisms, biodiversity, healthy soils and a healthy environment for survival of future generation.

In the cellar, the wines shall be handmade without use of mechanized devices and synthetic additives.  The vilification process includes an ancient method of grape crushing by foot trodden to eliminate bitter extraction from mechanically damaged grape seeds and stems, then hand-destemmed and transferred into fermenting vessels to undergo the fermentation phase.  Alcoholic fermentation and malolactic conversion (MLF), shall be performed with indigenous yeast and bacterium cultures originating from the vineyard.   Minimal SO2 (sulfites), will be used to preserve the holistic nature of the wines.


Louis Horta