Our Roots:

Louis and Jeannot Horta

Louis is a Napa Valley vineyard consultant and enologist with roots in Portugal.  Jeannot is a high fashion consultant and wine marketing specialist in San Francisco California.  Louis and Jeannot met in 1963, one month before Jeannot's sweet-sixteen birthday in Toronto, Canada, - married in 1966 and are the proud parents of Michael, born in 1968 and Phil in 1974.  When Jeannot and son Phil first visited Portugal in 1993, Jeannot fell in love with Louis' hometown of Foz do Arelho, and decided she would like to retire in Portugal.  Being wine aficionados, the prospect of a wine project in Portugal simply felt like the right thing to do.  Soon after returning to California from a one month vacation in Portugal, Louis embarked on a climatic research of Portugal's coastal area to see if a Napa Valley wine model was possible, and to his delight, after several years of research and a considerable expense, Louis identified an area on the neighboring county of Alcobaca, suitable for the desired Napa Valley wine model.  By the year 2000, with retirement in the foreseeable future, a decision was made to search for land in Alcobaca, and eventually a small estate with four contiguous parcels (we named Quattro Terras), was purchased for a boutique wine project.


Bringing the new and old worlds together in a bottle of wine:

At the onset, our project in Portugal, envisioned the obvious typical Napa Valley model dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon. However, the extreme conditions we encountered in four individual parcels, with different types of soil and solar exposures, compelled us to plant a multitude of carefully chosen grape varieties, clones and rootstocks, appropriately matched to each different sets of conditions, from which to sculpt several distinct wines.

The vilification process includes and ancient method of foot crushing grapes. After crushing, the grapes are hand destemmed and the crushed berries placed in surgical grade stainless steel fermenters to undergo an alcoholic fermentation with indigenous years cultures from the vineyard.  The wines are aged in French and American oak barrels, and subsequently in the bottle for a minimum of three years before releasing to the consumer market.  

Come tasting some wine and share the adventure with us!!


Louis and Jeannot


Please enjoy wine responsibly!!